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Icelandic Glacier Water

We source water from the world famous 800,000 year old Eyjafjallajokull Glacier. Glacier water is a new category of water with product qualities and health benefits.

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Naturally Alkaline Water

Glacier water has a crisp, refreshing taste, Naturally Alkaline, 8.3pH. Our naturally alkaline water can help balance the body’s pH levels and improve hydration.

Naturally Alkaline Water

Stay Fuelled Anywhere At Anytime

Alkaline Water in a 100% Recyclable Carton

Hydrate on the go with a planet friendly carton and recyclable plant based cap.

Conveniently collapsible and entirely recyclable, including the plant based cap. Grab a pack of our smallest boxed waters for any quick occasion. Available for delivery to your home, office or business.

Premium Still & Sparkling Alkaline Water in a Glass

The perfect way to refresh the palate & enhance your enjoyment of fine food & wine.

Icelandic glacier water in glass bottles. Premium bottled natural alkaline water for restaurants, hospitality and events. Available for delivery to your home, office or business.