Choosing: Sparkling Water or Still? 01 Nov 2023

When you sit down to eat at a restaurant, one of the first questions they’ll ask you is still or sparkling?

This simple choice between water preferences has the power to divide opinions. It’s a debate that runs deep, splitting water lovers into passionate camps. While it may not seem significant on the surface, people have strong convictions when it comes to their favoured bubbly or non-bubbly aqua. Sparkling water lovers will tell you they simply couldn’t imagine sipping away on a glass of water without some all-important bubbles, while still, water fans will claim they can’t imagine their favourite tipple with fizz.

So, where do we stand on the debate?

The truth is, we love both. We’ll aim to break down the benefits of both still and sparkling water to help you choose between the two (or just give you an excuse to enjoy them both!).

Still Alkaline Water

Provides a classic taste
For those who like their water uninterrupted by fizz, still water is a classic. It tastes crisp and fresh (especially when it comes straight from the glaciers!) and tastes good with any dish.

Perfect for those who don’t like fizz
While we love the effervescence of a sparkling drink, some people just aren’t a fan of bubbles. If you’re not into fizz and prefer your drinks flat, still water should be your go-to drink of choice.

Works well with a meal
For some people, the sensation of fizz and bubbles can be a distraction while eating and can even contribute to an unwanted feeling of fullness. In these cases, still water is a better option to wash your food down with. This doesn’t apply to everybody, though – some hydrators can’t conceive of sitting down for a meal without their trusted glass of sparkling water!

Sparkling Alkaline Water

A healthy alternative to soda
The negative health effects of soda are well documented by now. As delicious as they may be, these popular fizzy drinks can seriously impact your health. Many top brands are known for being full of sugar, calories, and just generally not really being that great for you. Plus, because of their sweetness, sugary sodas can be addictive, meaning we struggle to say no to cans of fizzy drinks throughout the day.

Swapping out soda for sparkling water can actually be a great way to reduce sugar intake. It also means you can get your fizzy hit without any of the negative health impacts associated with soda. If you can’t stop reaching for the pop, try a few days of giving sparkling water a go instead. You’ll be amazed at how effective it is as a substitute.

Works as a mixer in cocktails
One of the biggest advantages of sparkling water is that it doesn’t just work well on its own – it can also provide a base for cocktails or work as a mixer for alcohol. Even for people who don’t drink, sparkling water makes a great addition to a mocktail. One of our personal favs is adding a splash of lime cordial to transform our Avalis Sparkling Water into a mouthwatering mixer with a refreshing tart twist. Delicious!

Provides a different texture
We’ve heard that there are some people who find still water… (whispers) boring. We know, we can’t believe it either! But if you are one of the people who finds still water a little flat, you’ll probably have better luck with sparkling water.

Sparkling water provides a different texture, so some people find it a more exciting beverage. Naturally, you don’t have to choose between the two. If you usually opt for still water, swapping it for sparkling water occasionally can give you a difference in taste and texture that keeps things interesting.

Which is Better: Still or Sparkling Water?

And the winner is… Both! Since there are no health benefits to drinking one type of water over the other, the decision to drink either still or sparkling water lies entirely in personal preference.

If you’re somebody who finds yourself unable to put down the soda can, you might find that sparkling water is a more effective replacement than still water for sugary drinks. If you’re not a fan of bubbly drinks, sticking with still is the best way to go.

We’re a fan of incorporating both into your lifestyle! If you usually opt for one but like both, why not mix it up? Maybe swap out still water for sparkling when you’re out for dinner, or try still water in your next lime cordial drink instead. Ultimately, choosing the water you like best will encourage you to drink more of it, which is an undeniable benefit for both your physical and mental health.

Still or Sparkling? Either, As Long As They’re Alkaline

Luckily, you don’t have to choose a favourite when you hydrate with Avalis Glacier Water. We have two delightful choices – still or sparkling. Our still water is the essence of purity, sourced directly from the glacier and containing a natural mineral balance that makes for a refreshingly crisp flavour and next-level hydration. Our sparkling water is perfect for those who crave a little extra zing, thanks to its effervescent bubbles that make your water drinking experience that much more interesting. It can also be an excellent mixer for cocktails.

The best part?

Both our still and sparkling water are naturally alkaline, making for better hydration and a vamped-up set of minerals. You’ll rehydrate quicker and replenish lost salts more easily with Avalis Glacier Water. All wrapped up in super sustainable packing. So, whether you’re looking for pure glacier water, a bubbly sparkling variety, or any kind of alkaline water that will treat you right, check out the store today and discover your new favourites. See you. there!