330ml Sparkling

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From glacier to glass experience the taste of pure Icelandic glacier sparkling water. With a stylish glass bottle and a naturally alkaline pH of 8.3, Avalis Glacier Water is a gateway to Iceland’s majestic glacier.

  • Naturally 8.3 pH
  • Sparkling Alkaline Water
  • Premium Water
  • Sourced directly from the glacier, it is untouched.
  • A crisp and refreshing taste

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100% recyclable water carton with a eco friendly sugar cane cap. Hydrate on the go with naturally alkaline water in a planet friendly carton.

  • 100% recyclable
  • Eco friendly sugar cane cap
  • Planet based carton
  • Naturally alkaline water
  • No plastic bottle

330ml Tetra Pak Carton

How to store:
Store in a cool, dry clean place. Can be enjoyed refrigerated.

Best before end:
See Bottle

Fully Recyclable Glass Bottle, Our commitment to the Planet.

330ml Sparkling


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What do our Customers Think

  • #

    Francisco, Age 25

    Football, Active Sports

    This Glacier water tastes clean and crisp. Ideal hydration on the go in the Tetra Pak.

  • #

    Megan, Age 28

    Social, Regular Fitness

    I've used the glass bottles for my restaurant, Very stylish design and taste great. Customers love them and keep coming back for more. I keep the Tetra Pak on me whilst on the go and in the Gym.

  • #

    Zoe, 30

    Professional, Mum Of Two

    Avalis is great, Tetra Pak is very handy for the children lunch boxes. `we keep the Tetra Pak and the Glass bottles in the fridge. They fit every occasion and taste so clean and fresh.

  • #

    Jakub, Age 40

    Sales Professional, Cycling & Running

    We use Avalis Tetra Pak 'on the go'. Glacier water tastes so good. Love it. What I love too is the Glass bottles are great with a meal in the evening.

  • #

    Deepak Singh, Age 40

    Sales Administrator

    I tried this water on the recommendation of a friend. I tried the sparkling. Very refreshing but not too gassy. Tasted amazing too.

  • #

    Kamaldeep Kaur Saund, Age 28

    Public Relations Manager

    Great packaging design on the Carton I tried. Very vibrant. Loved the water very crisp taste.

  • #

    Rauta Bender, Age 32

    Professional, Estate Agent

    Im so proud our local glacier water is being made available to the world by such a good company. Gives the world the chance to enjoy what we do!