330ml Still

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From glacier to glass experience the taste of pure Icelandic glacier water. With a stylish glass bottle and a naturally alkaline pH of 8.3, Avalis Glacier Water is a gateway to Iceland’s majestic glacier.

  • Naturally 8.3 pH
  • Alkaline Water
  • Premium Water
  • Sourced directly from the glacier, it is untouched.
  • A crisp and refreshing taste

Avalis Glacier Water travels untouched from glacier to glass, guaranteeing its simple purity. Served chilled, we think there is no better way to quench your thirst than with its clean, unspoilt, and invigorating taste. Crisp and light, it can also be used to add a little luxury to your drinks at home such as coffee or tea, or add a drop of your favourite cordial.

  • Glacier water source
  • Naturally filtered
  • Near perfect alkalinity
  • No environmental impact

330ml glass bottle.

How to store:
Store in a cool, dry clean place. Can be enjoyed refrigerated.

Best before end:
See Bottle

Fully Recyclable Glass Bottle, Our commitment to the Planet.

330ml Still


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What do our Customers Think

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    Francisco, Age 25

    Football, Active Sports

    This Glacier water tastes clean and crisp. Ideal hydration on the go in the Tetra Pak.

  • #

    Megan, Age 28

    Social, Regular Fitness

    I've used the glass bottles for my restaurant, Very stylish design and taste great. Customers love them and keep coming back for more. I keep the Tetra Pak on me whilst on the go and in the Gym.

  • #

    Zoe, 30

    Professional, Mum Of Two

    Avalis is great, Tetra Pak is very handy for the children lunch boxes. `we keep the Tetra Pak and the Glass bottles in the fridge. They fit every occasion and taste so clean and fresh.

  • #

    Jakub, Age 40

    Sales Professional, Cycling & Running

    We use Avalis Tetra Pak 'on the go'. Glacier water tastes so good. Love it. What I love too is the Glass bottles are great with a meal in the evening.

  • #

    Deepak Singh, Age 40

    Sales Administrator

    I tried this water on the recommendation of a friend. I tried the sparkling. Very refreshing but not too gassy. Tasted amazing too.

  • #

    Kamaldeep Kaur Saund, Age 28

    Public Relations Manager

    Great packaging design on the Carton I tried. Very vibrant. Loved the water very crisp taste.

  • #

    Rauta Bender, Age 32

    Professional, Estate Agent

    Im so proud our local glacier water is being made available to the world by such a good company. Gives the world the chance to enjoy what we do!