Our Pledge

As part of our longstanding dedication to environmental sustainability, Avalis Glacier Water launched a comprehensive plan to not use plastic.


A sustainable future

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

Everything we do is driven by respect for nature's awesome power, and we work hard to operate as sustainably as possible and to put our communities first.


Energy efficiency and waste reduction

Reducing plastic waste and helping our oceans

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are top priorities for Avalis Glacier Water and we continually strive for energy efficiency and waste reduction through recycling initiatives and infrastructure improvements.

Reducing Our Impact On Climate Change


100% recyclable water products

Avalis Glacier Water is proud to have launched a 100% recyclable product, another substantial step forward keeping our oceans clean of plastic.

Water in a Carton

Protecting our environment

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and invest in energy efficient initiatives to help protect our oceans and environment.

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